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Hanover Insurance Group
Welcome to the Benefits of being a Hanover Policyholder!

Hanover Insurance Group has negotiated with Rserving® to create Hanover My Server Training and offer this benefit to our Hanover Policyholders whose employees serve or sell alcoholic beverages. To register you must have an active Hanover Insurance policy number.

What is Responsible Server Training?
This alcohol server course is a self paced, innovative approach to training. The Responsible Server Training includes information on your state laws for alcohol service. 

The course includes information on:
  • Responsible serving techniques
  • Techniques to spot fake I.D.'s
  • Tips to reduce drunk driving
The online Responsible Server Training course is interactive, contains text, audio, videos, images, flashcards, and electronic quizzes/exams.  By registering on this site, you agree to allow Hanover Insurance Group to see the results of the training and to identify who has been assigned training, registered and completed the training.